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Outsourcing Services in UkraineThe competence of the company "Azimut Sales"

Our company - one of the pioneers in this market and more than two years provides outsourcing services to the sales department already. This service usually is needed for the regional clients who do not have their own offices in Kiev, as well as for those producers who just scored the necessary momentum to enter the market of national distribution and retail chains, but does not want to own sales department.

Characteristics of outsourcing

The mechanism of this work is the following: outsource managers sign direct contracts with distributors and retail chains, then continue to work and maintain according to the contract. Geographically, managers can be based as at the producer’s place so at their own office. Customer is provided with a monthly progress reports, and he has the right to decide whether to continue working with the outsourcing company or changing ineffective manager, etc. Customer should also understand that due to long-standing practice with other clients our professionals is flexible and use different methods and approaches to situations in the company.

Description of Outsourcing Services

1. Contract - signing and maintaining of the contracts’ terms by the representatives of the distribution channels.
2. Support - consulting, design, implementation of vertical-commerce, the joint development of a long-term marketing strategy, development of the annual sales budget, performance targets for all channels of distribution, coordination and management of all trade-marketing programs, developing and implementing motivational programs.
3. Information - the introduction of an integrated accounting system for the rapid exchange of information and performance management.
4. Contact Us - analysis of the integration level of the developed sales system, implementation of the key performance parameters, and joint action in the system development.

What do we do?
Retail - Distributors

• Creation of commercial offer
• Negotiations on the terms of the contract
• Sign the contract
• Work in the distributors’ trade department
• Field training and sales support in retail channels
• Assistance in the organization of sales channels OPT, HORECA and closed (non-traditional) retailers
• Negotiations on launching and maintaining the range of retail channels, listing
• Work with current orders in retail
• Work on increasing sales volume in all sales channels

All questions, suggestions or comments you may contact us through e-mail filling in the form and send a message on Contacts.
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