Home to Home Sales Outsourcing

The main result of your cooperation with us is more qualitative and less expendable functioning of the Sales Department.

How do we gain it?
1. We thoroughly investigate your product and prepare the professional offer for you on market promotion.
2. We offer you innovative, efficient, and various distribution channels.
3. We coordinate all the details of our future cooperation and sign a contract.
4. And only after that, our team of specialized professionals starts their job:

- the development of the sales strategy in concert with the customer;
- creation of database of potential customers;
- creation of promotion programs for a product / service;
- organization and conducting negotiations with potential partners;
- presentation of the product, organization and conducting of product-training for teams of distributors;
- achievement of agreements, signing contracts according to the terms of the Customer;
- organization and work in the trade department of distributors;
- control for the orders-residuals, shipments to distributors;
- control and work with operational receivables;
- organization services of merchandising through the partners’ companies;
- preparation of promotions, pricing, negotiation, presentation.
You work on improving your product or service, and we actively sell it!

All questions, suggestions or comments you may contact us through e-mail filling in the form and send a message on Contacts.

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