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We appreciate your attention to the company "Azimut Sales" and sure about your choice!
The company was established by professionals who have proved their professionalism and effectiveness in the national companies - industry leaders. Our team builds relationships with customers on the basis of constructive interaction with advanced systems for two-way communication, the opportunity to participate in the processes and control the outcome at any stage and in real time. Among the staff there are regional and territorial managers, distribution managers, working with companies of national and local retailers .

For our customers, we are ready to develop the individual sales system taking into account all the parameters of the product and the market conditions.

Now-a-days, entrance to the national market for many producers is regarded as high-cost financial project with a long payback period, which may be a compelling factor. The result is localization of sales, then the lack of opportunities to participate in the promotion on more marginal markets. Management is often not suited to solve the problems of creation and integration of alternative distribution systems, which consequently turns tinto the issue of standing high direct cost of sales, stagnant sales. Also, the level of customer’s competence is often limited to manufacturing without understanding of the nature and methods of promotion and support in the distribution channels.

Why we?

SITIUS - We are highly specialized, and therefore more efficient and faster.
ALTIUS - For our company, there are no unsolvable problems, the quality of our services is the highest.
FORTIUS - Our team is motivated to solve complex problems, so it is always ready and in tonicity.


Our advantages ...
• our commission directly depend on the result
• reducing the level of investment in non-core assets
• focus attention on the development of competent areas
• increasing flexibility to crisis situations of the market and the environment
• reducing the share of fixed costs in the cost of the company
• professional responsibility is directly connected with motivation contractor
• the basis has more than 100 distribution companies TOP – 5 among the regions of Ukraine
• we are integrated into the markets of products and industrial goods
• active contracts with national and local retail, loyalty and partnership

All questions, suggestions or comments you may contact us through e-mail filling in the form and send a message on Contacts.
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