The company "Azimut Sales" provides services on sales outsourcing, international business support, also consultation and practical help in the application of the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement" with changes and additions № 4917 from 07.06.12.

Our main goal is to increase your sales, and as a consequence to increase your market share.

We provide complete privacy and commercial security in all aspects of partnership with you and your customers.

The results of our work - your portfolio of contracts.

Sales Outsourcing

The main result of your cooperation with us is more qualitative and less expendable functioning of the Sales Department.

How do we gain it?
1. We thoroughly investigate your product and prepare the professional offer for you on market promotion.
2. We offer you innovative, efficient, and various distribution channels.
3. We coordinate all the details of our future cooperation and sign a contract.
4. And only after that, our team of specialized professionals starts their job:

International Business Support

Сопровождение бизнеса иностранных компаний Taking under consideration the peculiarities of running business in Ukraine, we provide a full range of services on support the international cooperation/partnership:

- customer search for foreign companies in Ukraine (with its own database, the analysis of the existing customer base);
- foreign suppliers search for Ukrainian companies;
- the distributors’ activity control in Ukraine (monitoring comprehensiveness of the entrusted region);
- organization of participation in exhibitions on national and regional levels;
- representation services;
- full legal support.

All questions, suggestions or comments you may contact us through e-mail filling in the form and send a message on Contacts.


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